Fragile As Steel

Some weeks ago I was out in the city for the Luminale. On my way back home I took a route along our river bank. At one of the entrance stairs I saw this nice piece of street art illuminated by a spot light. It shows a kissing couple painted as a silhouette. The artist named it "Fragile As Steel". I like this art work very much. So I built up my tripod again and shot some photos of it. It looked great with that spot light. Some steps later I spotted the same painting again at another entrance stairs, also directly placed under a spot light. I took photos of it as well. But the night shots were not enough for me. I wanted to know, how it looks like at day light. Some days later I grabbed my camera again in the afternoon and went to the place, were the paintings are. This time no tripod was needed, since it was at day time. I took photos of both locations at various positions. I'm curious how long this Graffiti will stay there. The authorities take care a lot of the river bank because it is one of the most important places in the city.

This is one of the day time photos. It shows the stairs down to the river bank and the couple is painted in a way, that it looks like it is standing on this kind of bench. Unfortunately the railing of the stairs is missing one pipe. The sky is completely burned out, but to my mind this doesn't matter here. The main focus is on the stairs and the painting and the sky was only a gray mass. For this photo I used my standard zoom lens EF 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. The camera was set into P mode with a fixed ISO value of 100. Aperture was calculated with f/9 and shutter speed with 1/160 sec. Focal length was 34mm.

The second photo shows a detail shot of the second painting at the other stairs. This time the couple is standing on the ground. I like the green of that little plants on the floor and the moss at the bottom of the wall. This gives an impression as if the couple is standing in water. Camera settings were the same as above. This time I chose a focal length of 30mm. Aperture was calculated with f/8 and shutter speed with 1/125 sec.

This night photo is the one that raised my attention first. I like the way the couple is illuminated by that spot light. It looks like they are standing on a stage and the world is watching them. It is the same location as in the first photo above, but with more detail. Unfortunately the shadows of the bricks in the wall are disturbing the scene a lot. They distract the attention from the silhouette by merging with it somehow. At the other location the shadows are much stronger, so the silhouette is hardly to be seen. This night photo was taken with a tripod, of course. The camera was set into aperture mode (Av) with a fixed aperture of f/8 and an aperture correction of -1. ISO was set to 100 to reduce noise. I used my standard zoom lens EF 18-55 f/3.5-5.6 again with a focal length of 55mm. The camera has calculated an exposure time of 2 seconds.