Power Plant

Last Weekend I did a small trip to the surroundings of southern Brandenburg, Germany. Near the city of Spremberg I spotted this power plant which was raising out of the plane landscape and producing heavy steam clouds out of its cooling system. It was very impressive to watch even if I was several kilometers away. Of cource, I had my camera with me and took some photos of it.

As nearly always when I'm on a trip with no special target I had my "travel lens" with me,
the Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3. It has only a moderate image quality but it gives me the most
flexibility due to the large focal length range. I've set the camera to aperture mode and
selected an aperture of f/8 to get some good image quality. ISO was set to 200 due to the
cloudy sky.

The steam of the cooling towers is great. It disappears in the clouds above so it seems that the plant is producing clouds. The foreground is quite dark but that doesn't matter because it is not of any interest. It does not distract from the point of interest. Unfortunately, due to the large distance, the photo is suffering a bit from thermic turbulances.

The heavy steam inspired me to create a more dramatic scene. This photo is exactly the same as above, but I converted it into grayscale, added some heavy noise and some vignetting. This way the photo looks really old and to my mind a bit more dramatic. The blue sky has disappeared, the foreground is darker and the whole scene looks more dangerous. But I'm not sure, if it really is what I wanted it to be. It was my first try in doing such kind of image processing.