Luminale 2012

This week there was again this fair in the city, called "Light + Building". In cojunction with this fair there is always arranged an in- and outdoor exhibition of light installations throughout the cities around, called "Luminale". Facades of selected buildings are illuminated and there are illuminated objects in parks and public places. Every time the "Luminale" takes place it is a highlight in the city. One evening I grabbed my camera and tripod and went out to the city to catch some of those light installations. But unfortunately I was not the only one with that idea. The city was crowded with guys with tripods over their shoulders and at the exhibition points it was hard to find a space to get a good view of the object. And every now and then people were crossing the scene when I was taking a photo. But due to long exposure time this was not always a problem. Since time was limited and I wanted to visit several exhibits I tried my best with the situation. Here is a selection of my personal highlights from this tour.

This egg is my favourite. It was build with wooden boards and LED lights that changed their color from time to time. In addition there were water spayers installed that occasionally produced some fog within and around that egg. The fog together with the light let the egg kind of glow. Especially at the top. Awesome. And if this would not be enough the object was placed onto a water pool, so the whole thing was perfectly reflecting in the ground. Furthermore it was not already that late in the evening so the sky was not black but had a dark blue color which supports the colorful illuminanted egg perfectly.

Next exhibit I was visiting was this line of glowing glasses. The installation was completely different from what I was thinking when reading the exhibition info. I was expecting a huge glass in the middle of a lake, but what I found was a line of small glasses on a low wall. But it was an interesting scene, too. These glasses where normal drinking glasses which had this paper cut placed around. The pattern is similar to the one of apple whine glasses. Apple whine is a local speciality here. The light came from some little candles placed into the glasses. Due to the pattern of the paper cut the light forms a star or blossom like shape onto the ground around the glass. Looks very nice. Another thing I like in this scene is the green of illuminated bushes in the back reflecting in the lake. The green in the back is a nice contrast to the brown in the front.

This group of gooses was interesting. They were made of transparent plastic and illuminated from the bottom. Their shape was marked by the light reflecting at the borders. Transparency and reflection produce a nice overlay effect. The shapes are merging together. You have to follow the lines to distinguish the single objects. In addition there were speakers installed that produced the voice of gooses. The whole installation was as a bit larger. There were much more of those goose objects and a big portal illuminated with green light. That's where the green light comes from in my photo. The gooses were placed in a way that it looked like they were walking through the portal. Was a funny scene, escpecially with the additional sound. But the illumination of the portal was very bright and dominating. So I decided to catch this little group of gooses. And I like it.

One other attraction of the exhibition were these glowing benches. There were several of them placed in an area of a public park. The color of the benches was changing from time to time. From white to pink to red to blue. These benches were very hard to shoot. The bench in the photo here was shining in a deep warm red color. But in the photo it is glowing nearly white. Only the lady and the ground show the red correctly. I have tried to change aperture and shutter speed up to a setting where the scene was completely black with only the bench visible, but still not in the "real" color. Was an interesting experience. This photo is the one that shows the colors best. The funny thing in this scene is that due to the brightness of the bench and the red color it looks like the woman is sitting on glowing hot steel blocks.

The exhibit in this scene is the little tower in front illuminated in pink. The tower was not only illuminated from outside. The windows were also shining in different colors. And all colors changed regularly. It was a very colorful sight. Unfortunately the show had finished when I reached the tower. That's why I have no closer photos of it. But that is not a problem because I think it is interesting, too, to see the exhibit in it's surrounding and not only as a seperated object. I like this scene very much. The Imperial Cathedral is overlooking the scene and all those reflections in the river are great. Due to the movement of the water all the reflections form lines. It looks like the river bank is supported on light poles. Especially I like the red line in the outer left part of the river. It is the reflection of a traffic light at the opposite river bank. Without that reflection you wouldn't locate the traffic light but the dominating red of the line guides you directly there.

It was a very interesting tour this evening. First I felt a bit stupid walking through the city with a tripod over my shoulder, but when I realized that I was not alone whith this I felt a bit better. The lens I used was my EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. Since I was out in the city I needed a wide angle lens. I've set the camera into aperture mode with an aperture of f/8. ISO was preferably set to 100 to reduce noise but in some situations I had to increase to 200. Shutter speed was calculated by the camera automatically. To prevent camera shakes I mounted my EOS 500D on a tripod, of course, activated shake protection and disabled image stabilisation. For releasing the shutter I used the 2 second timer feature. Additionally I removed any filters from the lens to prevent reflections.