Graffiti Art

One evening in March on my way back home from office I spotted this Graffiti at a bridge over the freeway I was driving on. The next day while passing by again I took a closer look and it was a really nice piece of work. I loved the two cute looking bad boys sprayed there onto the support of the bridge. From now on I was more attentive when driving through that area and I noticed that the crew of AK, HNS and S2K was very busy here. At the opposite bridge support and two other bridges I spotted further artwork with their cute dog like creatures looking like bad hooded gangsters.

Graffiti is a difficult thing. People say it is damage of property, for others it is street art. My mind is somewhere between that. I like Graffiti if it is colorful and creative and if it is not damaging someones private home. Bridge supports, tunnels or walls are OK for me, houses, doors or trains are not. In this case the Graffiti is real street art for me and public bridge supports are no ones private property. In fact, they looks much more interesting with the all the artwork painted on it as with just the gray concrete. So I had no bad consience taking photos of it and publishing them.

One afternoon last week after office the weather was nice and I decided that today I want to take photos of all that paintings. I was looking for a parking space in that area which was not easy along a freeway. But I found one which was even official. I took my camera and walked through the woods from one bridge to the other and to the next one. It was a nice walk although it was quite noisy along and between the freeways and with all the approaching air traffic above me. In that wood I found some other nice photo themes that I will present here in my blog at a later time.

Camera settings: For most objects I could get a position to take photos with my standard zoom lens EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6. Except the first one. It was a higher than me and the space in front of it was too little to get it completely into the frame. So I had to use my zoom lens EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 from the oppsite side of the bridge. Since it was a bright day I chose an ISO value of 100 and set the camera into P mode to calculate aperture and shutter speed automatically. I tried out some different focal lengthes and view angles to get some nice shots.

The first photo shows the Graffiti, that raised my attention first. The bridge support was initally clear so the sprayers had all the space avaialble for their art work. The second photo is a detail of my faourite figure. The third shot shows the opposite side of that bridge. There was only a corner area availabe so there is only this one guy with this sweet little gangster on his shoulder.

The next bridge had two paintings of that crew at one support. The first colorful one is under the bridge. It was kind of a difficult light situation with the bright sky and the darkness under the bridge. That's why the upper right corner is completely burned out. The other Graffiti is at the side of the bridge support. BTW, the eagle that is printed on some of the sweaters is the icon of our local soccer team.

Approaching the third bridge was quite funny. When coming closer to it you see the guys at the wall shining through the bushes. Further closer it looks like the right guy is curiously looking at you while the others are hiding behind the bushes. This group of bad boys is kind of neat, too. I like what they wear, how they look and the way they are arranged.

After all, it was a funny expedition there to the woods, climbing over fences and forbidden stairs and following hidden trails.