Love Locks

This is a quite funny tradition for some years now. Couples in love buy a lock, inscribe their names on it, lock it to a bridge and throw away the key. Their love is locked here forever. I've seen so called love bridges in several cities now and one of them is a pedestrian bridge in my city. This time I wanted to catch some impressions of those locks of love.

All the following photos were shot with the same camera settings. The lens I used was my EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro lens. It produces the best image quality and because of the low aperture value possible you can create nice focus blurs. I've set the camera to aperture mode and chose an aperture of f/5. The result is that you get one lock completely into focus and everything around is blured. ISO was set to 100 and shutter speed was calculated by the camera.

In this first photo I like the one lock located far away from all the others. It looks like Susi and Thomas wanted to say, our love is different to all the others. We want to point out our love and not to disappear in the crowd. The orange color of the lock is a nice contrast to the gray of the bridge.

All these colorful locks are a great theme for playing with the color key technology. What I did with this second photo is something similar. With classic color key you would produce a grayscale image except everything in the color you selected before. In this example this would result in a grayscale image with all the blue locks kept in blue. I did it a bit different. I kept only one lock in its original color, including the clamp.

The third photo of this series shows the complete power of love. There are hundreds of locks locked to the bridge in many many colors and with even more names from all over the world. It is such a nice sight.