Jewish Cemetery

Some weeks ago, when I passed our old Jewish cemetery, I noticed the surrounding wall again, which has been made a World War II memorial. The concrete wall carries thousands of metal bricks all way round. Each brick shows the name of a Jew died because of the war. When I saw the wall my first thought was, what a great theme for playing with focus blur. Some days ago I grabbed my EOS 500D and my EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro lens and went to the cemetery again for taking my photos.

With this first photo I wanted to point out one single brick. I tried with the lowest aperture value of f/2.8 but the area in focus was so tight, that only some letters of the name were in focus. So I increased to aperture f/4 and this time the whole brick came nicely into view. All other ones, especially the previous and the next one are already blurred. Just what I wanted.

The weather was not that nice. Gray sky and no sun. But that's exactly the right weather for this scene. The gray of the wall and the bricks is increased by the gray weather. Although the photos are black and white, the original ones were nearly grayscale, too. I like the smooth black shadow the bricks produce at the wall, but also the shadows of the letters at the brick.

The next photo should show the endlessness of the rows of bricks. I went some step back and changed the angle to get more of the scene in the photo. I wanted some more bricks into focus and thus increased aperture again to f/5. Due to the changed angle you can see all 5 rows of bricks merging together in the back. By the way, the little stones on the bricks are a Jewish tradition. Instead of bringing flowers to the grave they are laying little stones on the gravestones to honor the dead.