Take A Seat

Today I present a photo that I've taken during my recent vacation to Oslo, Norway. These benches are located in a small park in the city's harbor.
When I saw these three nicely formed benches, standing in a row with their feet in the snow, I immediately liked the scene. It looks like they are waiting or even begging for someone to take a seat. But it was too cold on that day to sit down on them. There are several aspects that increase this impression of loneliness. It is the low winter sun which is faded a bit by the misty sky. This way the scene is not very bright and there are only weak shadows in the snow. The other point is that the row of benches is kind of disapearing in the shadow and the darkness of the background wall. The snow creates a nice contrast, which makes the benches look darker. And to increase this sad impression even more I removed all the colors from the photo and made it a black and white one.

Since this photo was not planned I had no special setup. The lens I used was my "travel lens", a Tamron 18-270mm f/3.5-6.3 VC PZD. The camera was set to P mode, which is my favorite mode when travelling around. I've chosen an ISO of 200 and selected a focus lenths of 100mm. The camera has calculated an aperture of f/10 and an shutter speed of 1/320 sec. To take the photo I went down on my knees to get at the hight of the benches. This gives a nice view of that line they are forming.