Some weeks ago I again spent some time in the area where I took my recently published photos of a little gecko. This time I was on walk when I spotted a gecko sunbathing on a small wall. I slowly went a bit closer and took my backpack off my back. I was hoping that it stays there while I was getting my large zoom lens out of my backpack. Luckily it stayed. I prepared the camera and took some shots. It was the first sunny day after a long time of constant rain. So the gecko was pressing its body down onto the warm stone to get some heat.

400mm  f/8  1/500sec  ISO400

400mm  f/8  1/500sec  ISO400
I slowly went even closer to get a more detailed shot. This time it was a different species as it was last time. The gecko had a mostly green body and a gray head. It also was larger than the former gecko. Look at his feet with this long and sharp claws. When magnified that much it looks quite impressive. I again went even more closer to force the gecko moving and changing position. My aim was to catch it in another pose. The gecko must have felt uncomfortable now and escaped the scene. I didn't mind, because I got my shots.

The photos were taken with an EOS 500D and an EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L zoom lens. The camera was set into P mode and calculated aperture and shutter speed automatically. ISO was at fixed value of 400 to get higher values calculated for aperture and shutter speed. I took the photos hand-held while sitting on ground resting my arm on my knee to reduce camera shaking.