Husky Pups

170mm  f/5.6  1/500sec  ISO400
This Summer, on a cruise to Greenland, I was visiting the city of Sisimiut. It is located just north of the Arctic circle and you can find a lot of sled dogs here. I love these dogs very much. They are so friendly, but still have some wild behaviour and they look gorgeous. While in Winter they have to work in front of sledges, in Summer they can relax and grow some pups. During my walks through the streets of Sisimiut I first came to a yard with some adult Husky dogs taking a nap. Some weeks ago I posted some photos of them. Later on I came to another place, where Husky dogs were held. When I just wanted to leave, I spotted a group of about 10 pups. They were running and tolling around and started bugging the adult dogs. It was so beautiful to watch them.

320mm  f/5.6  1/500sec  ISO400
I took out my camera with the tele zoom lens and started taking photos. Since the scene was changing every second you cannot wait for special moments. I followed the pups with my camera and pressed the release button again and again. Through the zoom lens I even got a closer view of what was happening. I was so exited of what I saw. The pups are so cute. Everything on them is so small; legs, ears, muzzle, tail. The fur is fluffy. You just want to hug them and take one with you. I watched the scene for about half an hour and got lots of photographs. For taking the shots I went down on my knees to get a lower view. This makes the scene look more natural and increases the depth-of-field. While taking the photos I paid special attention to the background. At the yard there were some dog houses and in the far there were streets and houses. To get a natural impression these items should not appear in the frame. After some time it was not easy for me to leave the scene, but the ship would not wait for me. So I had to go. In the evening I reviewed the taken photographs and had to delete a lot of them. They were out of focus, out of frame or just not showing a nice scene. But I'm proud to have shot some really sweet scenes.

400mm  f/5.6  1/500sec  ISO400

400mm  f/5.6  1/640sec  ISO400

As I mentioned above, I took the photos with my tele zoom lens, which is an EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L. It was mounted to my EOS 500D camera. The weather was overcast and gray and the pups were running fast. That's why I chose the following settings: The camera was set into Av mode. I wanted to control aperture to get a nice depth-of-field and to achieve higher shutter speeds. ISO was also fixed, at a higher value of 400. I don't like to go much higher with ISO value, because this can cause some image noise. Shutter speed was calculated by camera automatically. I had no tripod with me and had to take photos hand-held. To prevent too heavy shaking I went down on my knees and supported my arm onto my leg.