Molded Tomato

Some days ago, when I took a look in my bowl with small cherry tomatoes, I detected that some of the fruits where already molded. This was my chance! I wanted to take a macro photo of mold for a long time, but never had suitable fruits for that. In the bowl I found one tomato, that had this funny furred hat of mold. I carefully removed the fruit from the bowl and positioned it on a small plate in front of a black box.

Of course, I used my excellent EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro lens for this photo shooting. The camera was mounted on a tripod and the tomato was placed as near as possible to the lens to get as much magnification as possible. I've set the camera to aperture mode (Av) and played with different aperture values. The camera has calculated the shutter speed automatically. ISO was set to 100. At the lens I turned off image stabilizing and set the focus to manual. Additionally, I activated the shake protection mode of the camera. I did not use any special light. For the first photos I just used the day light coming through the window. Later on I used a small lamp to illuminated the scene from above. The camera was connected to my laptop computer for further shake protection and for remote control. This way I can view the just taken photo in larger scale and can check the focus point.

It is very interesting to see mold in such a large magnification. It looks like a bunch of curly hair or like a sponge. The first photo shows the complete furred hat. It is illuminated by only the day light coming from the side. Exposure time is 4 seconds with an aperture of f/11.

This second photo is a further detail of that mold. It is nearly the maximum magnification that is possible with my macro lens. The photo was also taken with an aperture of f/11 and a shutter speed of 4 seconds. But this time with some additional light from above.